Liz Rezanson, BCYC, MACP, RPC


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I am Liz Rezanson.  I have a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology.  I am a Certified Canadian Counsellor.  I am trained in Mind-Body Attunement Therapy. I work with adults, youth and children.

My focus is on helping individuals achieve insight into their psychological world, and control over their emotional experience in order to reduce suffering and enhance well-being.

I maintain strict confidentiality with all clients (unless there is the potential of significant harm to somebody).

I offer a free initial Service Enquiry Discussion (maximum of 30 minutes) prior to service delivery for enquiry into suitability of my services and to complete Practice Forms. I charge $120 per 50 minute session.

I also work with parents offering Circle of Security ® Parenting

An early intervention program for parents and children
At times all parents feel lost or without a clue about what our child might need from us.  Imagine what it might feel like if you were able to make sense of what your child was really asking from you.  The Circle of Security® Parenting™ program is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened
Parents and care-givers learn to:
•   Understand their child’s emotional world by learning to read emotional needs
•   Support their child’s ability to successfully manage emotions
•   Enhance the development of their child's self esteem
•   Honor the innate wisdom and desire for their child to be secure
(Glen Cooper, Kent Hoffman, and Bert Powell;

Time: Booked to suit your needs.
Location- 697 Black Rock Rd, Vernon, BC
COST- $650

Starting February 2, 2017
Time: Thursday Nights  7pm. – 8:30pm 
Location: 697 Black Rock Road, Vernon, BC

Phone 250-540-6769